The educational programs at Clever kids nursery school were created with our children’s needs in mind: to mature and develop in a safe yet stimulating environment. Take a look below to learn more about each program.


From 3 months -18 Months In our Teddies department, we focus on nurturing and supporting each individual child. The classroom capacity is kept below 10 babies at all times to ensure each child is guaranteed the one on one time they need. We focus on establishing a stable, Healthy routine which includes age appropriate stimulation, tactile play, messy play, music, storytelling, baby gym, baby massage and many other interactive activities. Our nursery is set up with each baby having an assigned cot that equipped with an Angel Care infant monitoring system, individual linen and cot bumper. Each baby is issued with a parent/teacher communication book to keep both parties fully informed with all the relevant daily information. The teacher will mainly use this book to track bottles, nappy changes, sleeping pattern, and general activities. Fresh daily meals are prepared in the kitchen by our chefs. These are structured around each individual child’s solids progression (pumpkin, mash and finger foods and eventually protein). All the facilities to the store and prepare breast milk/ formula bottles are available in the class’s milk room. From the Ducklings class onwards, the children receive five meals a day from our four week rotated menu. The children are expected to sit and eat a table for all their daily meals. We use this time to start teaching our little ones all about table manners. Please note that the school provides all the stationery and daily educational requirements.

Ducklings Class

2 years old At the age of two is the start of a child’s fundamental education. The Duckling’s class is therefore equipped to lead each child into their future. Toddlers start thinking in new ways, learning new skills, finding new techniques to solve problems, and each start to show their independence. During this year, children may not only grow by leaps and bounds, but also learn the leap and bound! In the Duckling’s class, we focus a lot of time on helping your little one develop their gross motor and fine motor skills. During class time we work on messy play, water play and play dough. This is a crucial part of a toddler’s tactical development. We also engage daily in age appropriate worksheets or art activities, followed by puzzle time and morning ring. Morning ring is a n educational tool that is great interactive way to work on a toddler’s vocabulary and covers all the educational milestones (colour, shapes and numbers). We also work on educational songs covering the days of the week, months of the year and the alphabet. Two year olds typically start to be more independent and more interested in other kids. But not having the words to express themselves can be frustrating, so we teach them how to interact with their peers correctly. We also start introducing them to games they might enjoy playing together. Ducklings will also facilitate potty training.

Froggies class

3 years old

In the froggies class, we do a lot of art work that encourages a child’s fine motor and gross motor skills. We start everyday with morning ring, which is the theme related. We also start introducing Letter Land (Alphabet familiarisation) in this class. This is followed by counting , singing and colour/shape recognition.

Letter Land is a unique , phonics-based approach to teach reading, writing and spelling to 3-8 year olds. These stories explain letter sounds and shapes, allowing children to progress quickly to word building, reading and writing.

We do offer potty training in this class and have sterile changing stations for those are not at the potty training stage.

Communication books are provided for each child. This is used to inform the parents of the daily meals, bowel movements, class activities, potty training roster, if the child had a name during the day and daily classroom activities. Teachers will also put in the upcoming events and weekly themes.

Each child will receive a work book at the end of each term showcasing their work and progress over that term. Reports are given mid-year and at the end of the year. This will be done in a meeting with the teacher to a have perfect understanding of your little ones progress.

As the school provides all the stationery and daily educational requirements, we request that each child has two changes of clothing, a hat and sunblock in their bag daily. Children that are not yet potty trained will need to supply daily nappies.


Puppies Class

4 years old

In the Puppies class, on arrival each day we work on fine motor development while waiting for all our friends to arrive and have breakfast. Fine motor development will consist of activities like threading, puzzles and cognitive construction.

Morning ring is done daily after breakfast weekly theme as well as working on the calendar, daily weather, counting and weekly songs. The teacher will use this time to start introducing comprehension and introducing them to public speaking.

The Puppies class is where children start experiencing a wider variety of teaching. This age groups’ ability to think and learn reaches beyond the basics of the world around them. They start thinking about and understanding things they cannot see or touch. We start introducing fun little science displays, mathematics, and a wide variety of hands on learning so that we can build on this part of their development. They will be learning the letter Land alphabet and phonics during this year.

The Puppies children will all be writing their names on their own classwork by the end of year, of which they are extremely proud.

Busy Bees Class

5 years old

The Busy Bees class is the department where our children start with primary school preparation as to ensure Grade R will be an easy year. The children in this class are taught to be a lot more independent and how to master…

The R in Grade R stands for Reception. It is the year that our children are received into the exciting world of ‘big’ school. If their reception is warm and fun, they will have an excellent foundation for coping with school and enjoying learning.

Grade R is a key year in a child’s educational development because it focuses on helping children take important steps towards independence while teaching them vital social skills.

Clever kids Grade R pupils will work on many different aspects of their educational and primary School readiness. We ask the parents to be involved with weekly themes and homework to ensure that we build the strongest education foundation possible. Using teaching techniques to develop each child’s emotional, physical, social and cognitive skills and potential.

We use this class to help develop the notion of responsibilities from an early age as to assist them later on. Our focus is to develop an emotional and educationally strong child who will flourish.

Daily they will cover a wide variety of classroom activities such as; language, mathematics, basic science, creativity and life skills.

The Owls Children thoroughly enjoy doing morning ring as by this ages they are well prepared and equipped to each take a turn in running the daily morning ring. They take responsibility for leading the class into the different topics of the day. Once the teacher has read the daily story the children will question once another as well as the teacher asking questions as to ensure their understanding of the requirements of comprehension. Letter Land is the main system we will use to develop language skills in this class.


Owls Class

6 years old / Grade R

The R in Grade R stands for Reception. It is the year that our children are received into the exciting world of ‘big’ school. If their reception is warm and fun, they will have an excellent foundation for coping with school and enjoying learning.

The Busy Bees class is the department where our children start with primary school preparation as to ensure Grade R will be an easy year. The children in this class are taught to be a lot more independent and how to master follow simple direction.

During morning ring discussions each little one will get a turn to say the following in front of their peers:

  • Morning my name is
  • Days of the week and today is
  • Months of the year and today’s date is
  • Recite the alphabet or count

Once they have all completed this, the teach will ready a story to them and they will work on their comprehension skills.

Theme discussions and classwork are done daily. They will do worksheets, artwork and work from their Letter Land textbooks.

They will also do mathematics and data capturing exercises. The 5-6 year olds will be counting to 100 and able to recognise numbers to 30. We will also work on representing and grouping of objects to the requested numerals.

Once a term the children will be requested to do a project board from their favourite theme and do a small show and tell on that theme. We love this project as it gets our parents involved and the children are very excited to show off what they have learnt.

The Busy Bees will work on many different approaches to gross motor and fine motor development indoors and outdoors each day.

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